East St. Louis, IL- the name alone causes people to react, and usually out of fear. Known across the United States as one of the most dangerous cities in the country, many believe there is zero hope; for both its residents and the surrounding areas. However, in this community torn apart with drugs, murder, violence, poverty, and single-mother households, the seeds of change have begun to grow. In 2014, Men Standing Positive spent the the summer and fall out on the streets of East St. Louis and Washington Park Village, Illinois. Through our partnership with local organizations and churches within the area, MSP was constantly signing people up for assistance programs such as job training, counseling, and housing while also sharing Jesus with those interested, praying for those who asked, and spreading the news about upcoming free events such as block parties, concerts, and conferences. Those that partnered with Men Standing Positive became a part of the Impact East Side movement. Just last year, 27 people received hot sheet assistance (job training, housing, counseling etc), 4 people registered to vote, 20 people were placed in a local church home, and 45 people received Christ and were born again. What began in 2014 is simply the beginning for what lies ahead- for 2015 and beyond. In order to continue to Impact East Side, Men Standing Positive must reach the people; especially the youth. Young people are really the future, cliche or not. We must connect them all with a positive message that they have the ability to made a difference and take a stand right where they live in their community. For 2015, MSP plans to continue right where we left off in 2014 and get back out on the streets. We ask that you consider joining us for Impact East Side and spreading the word with those in your local area. Your prayers, time, and any financial support are most appreciated. East St. Louis and Washington Park Village, Illinois are ready for impact. Won’t you join us? It starts by changing one person, one city, one nation at a time. Click Here for all upcoming events. To volunteer Click Here. To donate Click Here.






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