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From The Front Porch To The Street // #IMPACTEASTSIDE Street Report

Carry the Cross with MSP – Saturday October 25th, 2014
It’s not everyday that you see a big wooden cross carried down the street in your neighborhood. In fact, it’s probably one of the last things you expect to see! On Saturday afternoon, a young man and some other kids were outside on the front porch; when music blasting from a jeep and a giant cross followed by a group of people came down the street. Everyone outside the house stopped to stare and then asked to know more. Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles went over to the porch, passed out flyers, and told them about the upcoming event. The young man asked about the cross and wanted to hear MiNiMe rap. He promptly left the porch and joined the group as we continued down the street. Not only did he stay with us the entire afternoon, but he also took turns carrying the cross. At the end of the outreach, he was almost speechless except for this response- watch below to see the impact! Carry the Cross with MSP is truly an unforgettable experience.
                                                                   ‘Til Next Time… See YOU On The Streets!


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Carry the Cross with MSP- Saturday October 25, 2014

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Such a powerful and honest statement from the famous Michael Jordan. During Carry the Cross Outreach this past Saturday, the team walked down a street where a group of boys were playing basketball. They asked Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles if he wanted to play, so he threw a couple shots at the basket. He began talking to them about their role in the community and the impact of their choices and lifestyle. As MiNiMe continued to speak, he brought up Jesus and explained the truth of the Gospel. The boys decided that afternoon to accept Christ into their hearts and lives. After prayer, one kid asked MiNiMe if he was a rapper. He replied yes. DJ G backed up his jeep and played Change the World as MiNiMe gave a performance out on the street. The boys loved it. I can guarantee you those kids will never forget the afternoon a jeep, a cross, and a rapper came down their street and introduced them to Jesus. This experience helped give them all the power and ability needed to change their own lives and leave a legitimate impact in their neighborhood. Change starts- one choice- one life at a time.
                                                                                   ‘Til Next Time… See YOU On The Streets!
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Opportunity Follows Honesty// #IMPACTEASTSIDE Street Report

MSP Outreach- Saturday October 4th, 2014

“I need a job!” Not the first words you expect to hear upon meeting a stranger, but at least she was honest. During Saturday’s outreach, the entire team was walking through a neighborhood off State Street. Everyone stopped on a corner where a group of family and friends had gathered. When Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles asked if anyone needed anything, a young lady spoke up “Yeah- I need a job!” He replied, “Well- we can help with that!” While she was filling out the Hot Sheet with her information, Mike began to talk with her and asked if she had ever asked Jesus to come into her heart. The lady replied she had been baptized and gone to church a few times, but that was it. Pastor Frank Jackson and Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles immediately began to explain the Gospel to her and what it meant to accept Christ as your Savior. During the conversation, her entire face began to change as she realized the truth of what Jesus had done for her. The young lady decided it was time to repent and receive all of what Christ had to offer because of the cross. With tears of gratitude in her eyes and a smile on her face, she said no one from a local church had ever come down her street before, and she had lived in the same house for 6 years. The next day, the young lady went to the nearby Harvest Church Illinois for Sunday service. She has also been receiving some needed food and additional assistance.


‘Til next time… see YOU on the streets!




The Music Matters // #IMPACTEASTSIDE Street Report

MSP Outreach- Saturday October 18th, 2014

You’ve heard it said, “Where words fail…music speaks.” And they were right. Song lyrics play a pivotal role within one’s mind and subconscious. Without even trying to learn the words, you can often find yourself humming the tune and singing along without a second thought. This is the power of music and this is why it matters. Those lyrics have the ability to shape your thoughts, your mindset, and eventually your actions. On Saturday afternoon, Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles was walking down a neighborhood street and came across two young boys listening to negative rap music on their porch. He asked them what the song was about and they replied it was a man talking about his girlfriend. Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles explained to the boys that the song was actually degrading and disrespecting women- including his older sister, who had come out of the house a few minutes earlier. He then proceeded to share with them the importance of the music you listen to; how it shapes your mindset and will influence your future. Constantly filling your head with the latest rap songs causes you to start thinking like that music and wanting to live that lifestyle. A gangster mindset only causes strife, keeping entire communities locked in poverty and without hope. In addition, Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles began telling them about Jesus. All three kids had never asked for Jesus to come into their heart, and decided to right away. After praying, one boy sprinted home to tell his grandma and the other two ran back inside to tell their uncle. In just one afternoon, all three kids learned the importance of listening to a positive music message and received the truth of Christ into their hearts-which they will never forget.

‘Til next time…See YOU on the streets!



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Unworthiness Is Not The Issue// #IMPACTEASTSIDE Street Report

MSP Outreach- Saturday October 18th, 2014.

Have you ever thought your life was beyond repair? Or that God would not accept you because of your past choices? Think again…this is exactly what this young man thought until he encountered Jesus and the truth of the Gospel out on State Street in East St. Louis. During MSP Outreach this past Saturday, Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles saw him on the street, walked up, and started to share about the upcoming conference at the nearby Harvest Church. The man explained how he had been looking for a steady job with no real success. Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles said that MSP was able to assist him in that area, and had him start filling out a Hot Sheet with his information. As Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles held his beer, the young man opened up and shared how he really wanted to change his entire lifestyle, but felt trapped. He had made poor choices in the past and felt unworthy to approach God for help because of it. Immediately, Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles shared with him the truth that a relationship with Jesus will give you the ability to transform your life; starting from the inside out. The young man decided in that moment to accept Christ into his heart. He signed up to join a church and MSP will be seeking to place him in Mission St. Louis– one of our program partners- for job training and search assistance.


‘Til next time…See YOU on the streets.


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