Our mission is to empower and inspire people by bringing wholeness, change, and a peace of mind through various community outreaches, conferences, events, and programs.

Our vision is to make a lasting impact in your community- changing one person, one city, one nation at a time.

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What We Do:

MSP Outreach: Walking door to door, asking people if they need a church home, offering community assistance through signing up on the Hot Sheet, and winning souls to Christ.

Carry the Cross with MSP: Carrying the cross throughout the community, signing people up for community assistance, church homes and winning souls to Christ.

MSP Block Party: Bringing positive music to the streets through a free concert, free food, free clothing give away, signing people up for community assistance programs, registering people to vote, and winning souls to Christ.

MSP Conference: Bringing soul freeing encouraging words of wisdom straight from God with efforts toward maintaining church attendance.  Also offering free food, a free clothing giveaway, and signing people up for community assistance.

MSP Program Partners: Offering a variety of options for those seeking help in different areas: shelters, domestic violence programs, rehabilitation centers, housing, counseling, job training, and spiritual development.  Men Standing Positive wants to partner with your organization in efforts to positively build communities and lives. We will be in communication with any case manager from your organization and the referred client to simplify the process and follow up on the progress.The goal is to unite together to build the community and the people by obtaining partnerships with multiple resources and organizations. (Click Here) to see a video testimony.

MSP Church Partners:  Connecting communities with the local neighborhood churches.  Men Standing Positive cannot offer individuals any program assistance until we have placed them in a church home.  If they currently have a church home and it is your church, then we desire to connect with you.  We will not be able to continue to assist any individual if they are not actively attending church.  Men Standing Positive focuses on encouraging previous members, who are no longer attending church, to come back to the church.  We also focus on directing people from the local area to obtain new membership with your church.  When we provide clothing, food, hygiene, or any other resources, as well as any forms to assist in gaining employment, we will need to manage that through your church.  Our goal is to empower individuals to overcome their current circumstances and to remain dedicated to Christ.  Men Standing Positive will inspire them to go after their purpose in God and their roll in the church. (Click Here) to become a church partner.

For additional information on our staff, history, more please visit www.menstandingpositive.org!


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