Opportunity Follows Honesty// #IMPACTEASTSIDE Street Report

MSP Outreach- Saturday October 4th, 2014

“I need a job!” Not the first words you expect to hear upon meeting a stranger, but at least she was honest. During Saturday’s outreach, the entire team was walking through a neighborhood off State Street. Everyone stopped on a corner where a group of family and friends had gathered. When Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles asked if anyone needed anything, a young lady spoke up “Yeah- I need a job!” He replied, “Well- we can help with that!” While she was filling out the Hot Sheet with her information, Mike began to talk with her and asked if she had ever asked Jesus to come into her heart. The lady replied she had been baptized and gone to church a few times, but that was it. Pastor Frank Jackson and Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles immediately began to explain the Gospel to her and what it meant to accept Christ as your Savior. During the conversation, her entire face began to change as she realized the truth of what Jesus had done for her. The young lady decided it was time to repent and receive all of what Christ had to offer because of the cross. With tears of gratitude in her eyes and a smile on her face, she said no one from a local church had ever come down her street before, and she had lived in the same house for 6 years. The next day, the young lady went to the nearby Harvest Church Illinois for Sunday service. She has also been receiving some needed food and additional assistance.


‘Til next time… see YOU on the streets!





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