Unworthiness Is Not The Issue// #IMPACTEASTSIDE Street Report

MSP Outreach- Saturday October 18th, 2014.

Have you ever thought your life was beyond repair? Or that God would not accept you because of your past choices? Think again…this is exactly what this young man thought until he encountered Jesus and the truth of the Gospel out on State Street in East St. Louis. During MSP Outreach this past Saturday, Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles saw him on the street, walked up, and started to share about the upcoming conference at the nearby Harvest Church. The man explained how he had been looking for a steady job with no real success. Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles said that MSP was able to assist him in that area, and had him start filling out a Hot Sheet with his information. As Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles held his beer, the young man opened up and shared how he really wanted to change his entire lifestyle, but felt trapped. He had made poor choices in the past and felt unworthy to approach God for help because of it. Immediately, Mike ‘MiNiMe’ Wuebbles shared with him the truth that a relationship with Jesus will give you the ability to transform your life; starting from the inside out. The young man decided in that moment to accept Christ into his heart. He signed up to join a church and MSP will be seeking to place him in Mission St. Louis– one of our program partners- for job training and search assistance.


‘Til next time…See YOU on the streets.


IMG_0102 IMG_0104


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